Stainless Steel Bellows / Expansion Joints



Stainless bellows, compensators or expansion joints are designed according to the client’s specifications and design conditions.

Our range and capabilities are as follows:

  • Size: 25NB to 4000NB.
  • Pressure range: Vacuum to 50 Bar.
  • Temperature range: -150 to 1400ºC
  • Movement: As required by client.
  • Designs done according to EJMA standards.

Steel Bellows / Expansion Joints types:


Multi Layer Bellows
Application: Vibration
Type: V


Axial Bellows
Application: Axial movement +/-
Type: A


Tied Bellows 
Application: Lateral movement


Hinged Bellows 
Application: Angular movement.
Type: R


Pressure Balanced bellows 
Application: Zero loads 
Type: Z


External Pressure Bellows
Application: Large axial movement
Type: AX


Gimbal Bellows 
Application: Multi angular movement 
Type G